AMIDAS SECURITEC | Locomotive industry
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Locomotive industry

About Us



Our staff at Amidas Securitec has some 15 years of combined knowledge and expertise in the sales and distribution of these products. We look forward to putting that knowledge to work for you. Amidas Securitec Products earned its impeccable reputation from 12 years of dedicated service in the industry. We stock and distribute a large selection of new Genuine Locomotive Parts and Spares, for Freight, Switcher and Industrial Locomotives.


With over 15 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of freight cars and locomotives we are problem solvers not just parts distributors. Amidas Securitec offers the most competitive prices and the shortest delivery time to our customers.


We offer more solutions and new replacement original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for locomotive, marine and power generation products than anyone in the industry. Comprehensive parts coverage is provided for all recent models, and OEM parts are supplied under sophisticated and exact quality control techniques. All Amidas Securitec products are backed by a comprehensive warranty.





Our mission is to provide our customers around the globe with worry free approved components for locomotives.





Our business is powered by our technical expertise combined with our top negotiation skills. This enables us to offer the most competitive prices and the shortest delivery times to our customers.


The diesel engine is the main power source on the locomotive. It provides power to the main generator (alternator) and to the auxiliary Generator.


Locomotive daily maintenance counts with the replacement of various consumables.


From wheel sets, and springs, to dampers, or even complete bogie (truck) assemblies, we can supply you with all of the components you are looking for.


Rail Industries can offer new or 2nd hands rail cars (wagons) for any type of need...See below our complete list of rail car parts.


Locomotives are made up of complex mechanical and electrical systems and there are thousands of moving parts and accessories among which.


The modern diesel locomotive is a self-contained version of the electric locomotive. Like the electric locomotive


The air brake system uses compressed air to apply the brake block (or pad) to the wheel and to control the operation of the brake along the train.



All of our shipments are subject to strict quality control inspection prior to expediting. Reception of material is always subject to inspection for count, quality and authenticity. Keeping in close contact with a client’s logistics department and/or designated forwarder, Amidas Securitec ensures that all documentation and transportation requirements are properly met. We provide our clients with detailed status reports on all goods expedited, also detailed outgoing packing lists and transport bills of lading. We work with professional freight forwarders that have a good track record against claims. Below is a list of tasks involved in completing a shipment.

  • Equipment handling
  • Order consolidation
  • Shrink wrapping and/or wax paper protection against rust
  • Skidding for domestic shipments
  • Crating for export shipments
  • Packaging supplies
  • Stencil markings on crates
  • Logistics