AMIDAS SECURITEC | Facilities & Warehouses
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Facilities & Warehouses

To serve customers around the Middle East, Amidas Securitec has warehouses and stocks set up in very strategically areas to serve customer needs and demands.



Amidas always supports its clients with utmost assistance during emergencies, breakdowns and shut downs. Amidas specializes in the supply of urgent, critical and emergency material requirements for oil & gas drilling and exploration, pipeline projects, refining and transportation, etc.



That’s why more than 13,000 tons of spare parts of all kinds, serving different industries, are stored in warehouses all around the Middle East.



Adding to this a stock of 160,000 electrical motors ranging from 0.1 up to 1000 kw, high medium & low voltages electric motors serving all types of industries, Amidas Securitec also stock more than 140,000 gearboxes, of different types, e.g. helical, bevel, worm, parallel shaft, both industrial and normal gearboxes for different applications like, water treatment, silos, bakeries, refineries, mills, oil & gas drilling rigs etc…



We can also offer NON-OEM or OEM replacement spare parts for oilfield drilling equipment used on oil & gas or geothermal energy drilling rigs. This service includes sourcing, purchasing and delivery for the international end user. This service provides a convenient one stop process for many of our international drilling contractor customers that do not have an office for purchasing from many of the manufacturers in the USA or Europe for drilling equipment parts.


This procurement service we offer is a cost plus service for international customers. These current procurement alliances with drilling contractors all over the world can be provided with set markups for all drilling equipment and parts purchased.


Some of the drilling equipment parts are stock and ready to ship and others can take weeks to deliver.