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Since 1966, our main business was in the field of gearboxes and electrical motors; our group is well-known, among different end-users for the top quality gearboxes and electrical motors that we still supply till now from Getriebebau Nord Germany, and other European electrical motors manufacturers.


30 years ago was the beginning with Getriebebau Nord the German giant of geared motors globally and thanks to the quality of these products along with the good performance of WDRVM in promoting for these products in the middle east to become one of the most strongest and competitive brand in local markets .


WDRVM established the largest heavy duty facility in the middle east for manufacturing wind turbines with capacity of 2.5 mw – 5.0 mw , oil & gas drilling rigs, as well as assembling facility for Nord for different kinds of motorized gear ( helical , bevel , parallel and worm geared motors ) on presses type 3 and type 4 b from size sk 02- to sk 9086 in total factory size of 34,000 m², with customer after sales and service facilities and offices to make the necessary maintenance works and supply the appropriate spare parts 


WDRVM is internationally certified with certificates of TUV and ISO, ASME, Germanischer Lloyd thing which made WDRVM the key partner for Nord in the middle east region and to assemble & supply up to 100.000 geared motors annually of different kinds and that is based on the signed contract between Nord and WDRVM in 2009 to make Nord a distinctive brand and closed the door to any competitor in middle east local markets.


Amidas Securitec is specialized in mechanical, electrical, and electronic solutions. The range of products includes geared motors, motors, industrial gear units, frequency inverters, motor starters and frequency inverters for decentralized drive control.


 Also full range of induction electric motors – from 0,04 kw up to 5000 kw.


Adding to this a stock of 160,000 electrical motors ranging from 0.1 up to 1000 kw, high medium & low voltages electric motors serving all types of industries, Amidas Securitec also stock more than 140,000 gearboxes, of different types, e.g. helical, bevel, worm, parallel shaft, both industrial and normal gearboxes for different applications like, water treatment, silos, bakeries, refineries, mills, oil & gas drilling rigs etc…

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