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Since many years Amidas Securitec, is specialized in the supply of a range of premium quality drilling equipment, components and accessories.


We supply technically advanced API equipment for overall drilling efficiency for demanding oil and gas applications in a full range of sizes and types.


In cooperation with WDRVM & other American and European companies, Amidas is now in the process of designing, manufacturing & commissioning its own complete onshore drilling rigs ranging from 1000 H.P up to 2000 H.P.


Apart from our manufacturing capabilities we can also offer non-OEM or OEM replacement spare parts for oilfield drilling equipment used on oil & gas or geothermal energy drilling rigs. This service includes sourcing, purchasing and delivery for the international end user. This service provides a convenient one stop process for many of our international drilling contractor customers that do not have an office for purchasing from many of the manufacturers in the USA or Europe for drilling equipment parts.


Our supply of finest drilling equipment is for excellent drilling, long run life and for optimum combination of drilling efficiency and durability.


This procurement service we offer is a cost plus service for international customers. These current procurement alliances with drilling contractors all over the world can be provided with set markups for all drilling equipment and parts purchased.


Some of the drilling equipment parts are stock and ready to ship and others can take weeks to deliver.


Typical drilling equipment parts and manufacturers that can be offered are:


Traction Motor & Parts:


  • Complete traction motors AC & DC
  • Cooling blowers
  • Brushes
  • Brush holder
  • Commutator stone
  • Junction boxes
  • Xp lockout device
  • Heaters
  • Pressure switch
  • Oilfield hub
  • Lugs


AC Drill Rig Motors 


Plied thousands of ac traction motors for land and offshore drilling rigs worldwide. Offered in both horizontal and vertical configurations, the 1150h.p and 1500h.p ac motors will meet the most stringent requirements of your drilling equipment. Design features include: heavy-duty frames; form-wound Stator Windings; high-strength rotor assemblies; 


Spare Parts: 

  • Drill motor parts

Use only genuine drill motor parts to service your ac and dc drilling motors. Original OEM parts ensure the performance you expect from your AC and DC drill rig equipment motors



  • Auxilary Brakes – Baylor Brake, Witchita, Eaton, Oil States
  • Air Valves – Wabco, Rexroth
  • Makeup And Breakout Catheads – Foster, Torque-Tite, National,
  • Continental Emsco, Gill Services
  • Brake Bands, Brake Rims, Brake Blocks
  • Roller Chain
  • Clutches – Eaton Airflex, Twin Disc, Power Grip, Fawick, Gummi, Dy-A-Flex


Baylor Brake Parts:


  • Control Pwm-10 System
  • Control Pwm-20 System
  • Pwm-Cl System
  • Pwm 80a-Cl Brake Control System
  • Drillers Control Model 7900
  • Drillers Control Model 7900hf, Pwm & Cl
  • Main Control Board, Pwm
  • Power Resistor Assy, Pwm
  • Positive Heat Sink Assy, Pwm
  • Negative Heat Sink Assy, Pwm
  • Pcb’s – Driver, Over Current Pwm-Cl, Drill Assist,
  • Capacitors
  • Treminals
  • Scr Sub. Assy 49000 System
  • Firing Circuit


Traveling Equipment:


  • Traveling Blocks – Oilwell, National, Continental, Ideco, Gardner Denver
  • Hooks – Bj Varco, Web Wilson
  • Swivels – National, Continental Emsco, Ideco, Oilwell
  • Rotary Tables – National, Continental Emsco, Ideco, Oilwell
  • Rotary Bowls & Bushings – Oem Or Imported
  • Kelly Bushing – Oem Or Imported


Mud Pumps:


  • Fluid End Parts
  • Fluid End Conversion Kits
  • P-Quip
  • Power End Parts
  • Pulsation Dampener – Bladder, Needle Valve, Gauge & Nitrogen Charging Kits
  • Relief Or Reset Relief Valves
  • Mud Gauges
  • Belts
  • Charge Pumps
  • Suction Strainer


Power Systems:


  • Engines – Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins
  • Generators – Caterpillar, Kato, Weg
  • Fuel Filter Systems – Racor
  • Compressor Parts – Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco
  • Removable Muffler Heat Resistant Insulation Wrap
  • Low Profile Pancake Style Muffler


Top Drive:


  • Canrig, Varco, Nov, Tesco
  •  Service Loops, Hydraulic Loop, Power Loop, Control Loop


Mud System:


  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Shaker Screens – Brandt, Swaco, Derrick
  • Hammer Seal Unions 4″ Thru 16″
  • Agitators
  • Shakers – Swaco, Derrick, Brandt
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Vacuum Degassers
  • Atomspheric Degassers
  • Desanders
  • Desilters
  • Suction Strainers
  • Mud Gas Separators
  • Mud Guns
  • Mud Hoppers
  • Agitators
  • Venturi Hopper
  • Shear Hopper
  • Mud Lab Kits – Baroid



  • Weight Indicator, Hook Load
  • EB Sensor
  • Torque Tong Parts
  • Rotary Table Rpm Indicator & Tachometer
  • Rotary Table Torque Indicator & Idler
  • Mud Pump Stroke Indicator
  • Digital Mud Pump Stroke Counter, SS
  • Mud Pump Pressure Indicator
  • Standpipe Manifold Pressure Indicator
  • Crown Saver Device
  • Pit Volume Sensors – Vega, Petron
  • Bentley Nevada


Bop & Pressure Control:


  • Bop Parts – Shaffer, Cameron, Hydril
  • Bop Rams
  • Bop Elements
  • Bop Testing Assy
  • Bop Drilling Spool
  • Bop Double Studded Adapter
  • Bop Riser
  • Bop Mud Cross
  • Bop Kill Line Valve Assembly
  • Bop Choke Line Valve Assembly
  • Choke Manifold – Swaco Super Choke, Willis, Ciw Gate Valve
  • Koomey Closing Unit – Nov, Cpc, Oco Pressure
  • High Pressure Hoses – Vibrator, Rotary, Armored Hoses
  • Cement Hose
  • Chiksan Loops
  • Integral Cross
  • Integral Straight Elbow
  • Integral Tee
  • Integral Crossover
  • Integral Male Plug
  • Integral Female Plug
  • Integral Swivels 2″ Or 3″
  • Chicksan Pup Joints With Hammer Unions 10,000 Psi Or 15,000 Psi


Drill Floor & Handling Tools:


  • Pipe Spinner Parts – Blohm & Voss, Varco
  • Tongs Parts – Bj Varco, Blohm & Voss
  • Hydraulic Catheads – Drilco’s Ezy-Torq
  • Drill Floor Parts – Mud Buckets
  • Winches – Ingersoll Rand, Ram Winch
  • Elevators – Varco, Blohm & Voss, Access Oil Tools
  • Slips – Varco, Blohm & Voss, Access Oil Tools
  • Bit Breakers
  • Elevator Links – Varco, Blohm & Voss
  • Safety Clamps – Varco, Blohm & Voss
  • Pipe Wipers
  • Bug Blower Fans


SCR House & MISC Electrical:


  • Ross Hill, Idm, Omron Idm, Ips, Hill Graham
  • Breakers & Controls
  • Modules Ac Or Dc
  • Contactors – Siemens, Ge
  • Rheostats – Hand Throttle, Foot Throttle
  • Pcb Circuit Boards
  • Meters – Crompton, Yokogawa
  • Transformers – Hammond


Mast & Substructure:


  • Wire Rope – Raising Lines, Drilling Line
  • Sheaves – Raising Sheaves, Crown Sheaves
  • Bearings – Timken, Skf,Fag
  • Seals – Clark
  • Racking Board Winch – Witch, Ram Winch
  • Shackles – Crosby
  • Casing Stabbing Boards
  • Sling line Equalizer
  • Standpipe Hammer Unions & Valves
  • Bop Handling Hoists – Ingersoll Rand, J.D. Neuhaus
  • Cctv – Pelco
  • Leveling Jack – Simplex, Enerpac
  • Derrick Pins
  • Safety Pin (Keeper)

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